• kris
    August 24th

    This went so well! I cant thank those who helped out enough! Trick comp had 10 solid riders in it looking to get some pretty decent prizes. Some with the race and aside from one cop confrontation [sorry squirrel!] all went well with that too. Party at the house was probably the best for me [as it was what i got to participate in :)]. Lots of people came through, some i dont see very often, so that was real swell. I so wish someone had taken a picture of me in my get up…if you were there you know what im talking about. Bahaha. Definitely seemed like everyone had a good time and were really positive on the event. You can bet on more stuff like this in the future!

    Big thanks to all the sponsors…we seriously had some nice prizes for this!
    Leader Bikes
    Lucky Lefty’s
    Nemesis Project
    Ikon Cycles
    Sub Q Body Piercing
    Trick Track

    I was too busy yelling stupid things at the riders to take pictures…luckily Tim had the time (with some help) in between getting second place! Check the rest here!




    I also have some video that ill be going through to try getting and edit together…we’ll see how that turns out.