• kris
    February 27th

    Hope everyone is excited to be or see all the cool stuff coming from NAHBS this year. This little premiere has been a long time in the works with a good amount of planning from all parties. It would seem, and I’m damn excited to announce, that the test screening of The Bike Heist for NAHBS is 100% go. If you haven’t seen the trailers or heard of the movie check www.thebikeheist.ca for all the info you need and get to the screening if you’re going to be in town for NAHBS! This is an actual feature film running about 90 minutes and looks to be a solid bike themed comedy. I’ve been following this project since its first blips on the net and am beyond stoked to have gotten it into the event. If you have passes for Friday or Saturday the premiere is free and in the Sacramento Convention Center (same venue as NAHBS) for your convenience! Posted below are the trailers that I posted previously and some links to the sponsors that I’m super grateful for having the support of…we’ll be raffling off some stuff…check it!

    Thanks for support from these homies!

    Mishka NYC
    Toro Quality Goods