• kris
    May 1st

    Having been doing anything for some time you end up running into the same people quite a lot. Naturally you have conversations, start friendships and swap stories with a bunch of like minded peeps. When events like Ride N’ Style go down just about everyone shows up and mingles. Stoked that there were smiles and good attitudes all around. Here’s just a few of the fun flicks of friends that I happened to snag…seeing all the dudes is what events are all about! Fun stuff.

    This shot of Combs in zen mode prepping for the comp while Kareem keeps him company is probably my favorite of these haha.

    Nick and Jensen piggy backin’.

    A hate mail inspired hello from Jakob ;).

    You know the OGs…be on the lookout for something fresh from Fonseca this year ;).

    Pro blogger Prollster always smiling…

    …and hard at work.

    Matt snapping a photo of me snapping a photo of him.

    Oscar’s “make a blog about me” pose…

    …before he had an accident.

    Grime dudes Wonka and Mike dancing and chillin’ like you know they do.