• kris
    March 21st

    So i came across the second video a bit ago and decided to see what was up with The Geography of Youth linked in the description. Glad i did. This sounds like a really nifty project and something i can get into. I’ve wondered what it might be like, as a bunch of you probably have, to be doing what you’re doing at the age you are in other places around the world. In 2008 the duo Alan Winslow and Morrigan McCarthy traveled the states documenting American life and ideas on the environment…now they’re looking to expand their adventure and documentation to a global scale. Under their org name Restless Collective they head out in July and could use your help. If you’re feeling generous drop some dollars into their Kickstarter fund. Either way it should be interesting and exciting to see what they come up with…I’ll be keeping up on them for sure.