• kris
    April 4th

    Adam, brad and I got out to SF today to hit some spots and check out the Revoked premiere. Had some fun cruising around the city shooting some video…the weather was so nice! The trick comp went off real real good. A ton of people came out and the riding was just insane. 360s down seven stairs, big 180s, nice tech lines, lots of blood and ton broken bikes and parts. Didnt really get many photos but did get some video of the trick comp that should be up soon. Revoked was pretty solid as well…as expected. Huge stairs, lots of grinds and some of the gnarliest falls ive seen. Gus’ black eye was definitely earned. Congos part was probably my favorite…but not by much…everyone had some good stuff. Dont think there was one bronco in there either! Haha. I meant to get some more stuff to put up but i was coaxed into competing and got wrecked real good. A few times. Ha.