• kris
    December 17th

    If you follow even a sliver of urban track racing you’ll have heard of Team Cinelli Chrome. After popping on the scene in 2014 as one of the most experienced race teams they finished out the year strong hitting most of the major events. Along the way they took some trips, met some friends and ultimately got prepped for a killer new year. I really dig the Cinelli factory visit in here and the dialogue from the riders is pretty on point too! More on the crew over on Cinelli Chrome page!


    “Seven riders, a year-long season, two wheels, one gear-ratio and an unique great passion! 
    Add a few thousands hours of training, tons of new friends, excitement and fun and the mix will be complete!

    Check #TeamCinelliChrome video of an incredible 2014 racing-season spent travelling 
    and competing all over the world, now live on CinelliTV”