• Devin Armstrong
    July 24th

    This past weekend Resistance Racing TrackX Summer was held in Sacramento, California for their second race of the series. I had the opportunity to work with resistance racing to create a very fun and eventful weekend for the sacramento locals and out of towners.



    Because I was hosting Sacramento’s 2nd Tracklocross race since TRACKLOMENTO last December, I thought I’d reach out to some local CX heads over at Squid bikes to pick their brains for the most ideal Tracklocross course in sacramento. Sure enough they did not disappoint. 



    We found a pretty fast course at about .7miles long, full of berms, sand, and vegetation. It had all the right qualities to perfectly represent sacramento’s CX and what locals have to put up with when we go out and get dirty.



    We had about 15 competitors come out and race, some of which came from as far as Tokyo Japan! The day before, a few racers got together with Kazz and rode 77mi from Pittsburg, CA all the way to Sacramento along the delta. Starting temperature of the race was about 101º and no shade anywhere but the tent.  



    Luckily, Bike Dog Brewing heard about the action and they flowed us some of their finest refreshments to keep the racers happy and well hydrated. 

    The race started with a  Le Man Start, where the racers have to run to their bikes, mount quickly then escape the competition.


    Chaz was quickly off the front and maintained a steady lead upon the group Chris and Kazz was not to far behind but slowly working to close the gap.

    In the end Chas prevailed, and successfully secured his second win in the series. 

    Chris landed second and scored some big points, putting him 4th overall in the series

    After all was said it done, we all had a rad time and made some great memories.


    1. Chas
    2. Chris
    3. Kazz

    Huge shout out to Monica being the first and only girl shredding at this race with all of the guys!

    Huge thanks to Squidbikes for lending the helping hand to make this all a reality.

    Thank you Resistance Racing for thinking about Sacramento and adding us on to the agenda.

    Thank you BikeDogBrewing for throwing in a couple of cases for the race.

    Big ups to Angel Perez for the photos, help yourselves to the gallery.. or not.