November 16th

Alrighty yall. If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have heard about the Trickcat V2 going down December 16th here in Sac. The flier for the Trickcat and the alleycat put on by Pedal Hard that will follow is just about ready so all the deets will be available soon. I’m pretty stoked to be bringing back an event I did a few years ago but  bigger and better. 5 spots around sac. Jam sessions. People going hard. Prizes. Solid support from the community. Its going to be sickkk.


I went out last night and shot some flicks of some of the spots and I’ll be dropping them here over the next few weeks to give everyone a peek at what they’ll be riding. This first one is a favorite of mine, well all the spots are haha, that’s been in plenty of skate and fixed videos including Cardiels part in Macaframa. I ride this place a lot and there’s some good potential for wild wall rides and dope lines. With each of the spots there is more to hit than is in the photos but you’ll have to wait till the comp to peep. I’m not sure how soon I’ll be upping the other spots, they’re burning a hole in my pocket…errr hard drive ha. Stay tuned for more!