• kris
    January 11th

    So i was waiting to put anything up until i got all the pictures and video together from the event…but Alex went ahead and posted something so ill start the recap.

    The event as a whole went off without a hitch!

    Everyone seemed to enjoy the format of the trick comp and plenty of people came out to just watch and ride with us. The two sprints that were incorporated only had a few takers…but that just made it easier to win. Ha. It got pretty hectic with everyone trying to go off at each of the spots, wouldnt want it any other way. So long as everyone was into it and would be up for it again you can bet itll happen sooner than later…with new spots of course. A big thanks to all the sponsors who helped make it possible (Eighthinch, iMiNUSD, Lucky Leftys, Prolls, Cardiel and redbull) and all those who came out to participate and heckle!


    Spot Winners

    – Taylor Dwight (won all 5 stops!)


    1st – Taylor Dwight
    2nd – Daniel Torres
    3rd – Rich Baldwin

    Sprint Winners
    First Sprint – “Tall” Gary
    Second Sprint – Joe “Squirrel” Fonseca

    Heres a couple shots Chris V snapped at the event…video to come once i replace my dog chewed video cable ;).



    A few more Chris took on Alex’s camera on the North Bay.

    The videos were way sick! Highly recommend picking up both The Revival and London to Paris when they become available. About 50 people showed up to catch the films at the Bike Kitchen and the crowed seemed stoked on both. The Revival is a good mixture of riding and tricks with some damn decent riders. London to Paris with its documentary style is hands down one of my favorite bike related movies this far. Super Ted at the end had me crackin up. We even had a sneak peak of a new project by Ricky Anthony…keep and eye out for that one. A huge thanks to Tom Briggs at Skitch and Grace Ladoja for sending out the films for us to show!

    Thanks again for all who came out or wanted to be there but couldnt make it. There will be a slew of photos from my Buddy jerome that ill be reposting here but will also be available at his blog tomorrow.