• kris
    November 30th

    This was about all the footage i got…aside from a few things i chose to leave out…from Interbike this year. Car sick vomiting, sick spots and plenty of good music were had on the trip with the Wheel Talk, iMiNUSD and Macaframa fams. What you see here is pretty much what the three days consisted of. Doing fun stuff.

    There was a good amount of riding that never made it on camera or is still on a camera somewhere…maybe itll pop up eventually. This was a really fun trip that im definitely looking forward to next year…even though i was stoked for some Disneyland in 2011. Oh well. Ha.

    Thanks again to Mark at iMiNUSD for helping me get in on this, Jon Jon for driving the distance and everyone who we hung out with for the comic relief. Made for a great trip.