• kris
    June 3rd

    I hadn’t seen these Rider Spotlights for Wolfpack until today but have to say I dig it. What better way to promote a solid race series than show you some of the best of the competition. Austin is well known on the track scene (goes without saying) and has a bunch to say in his bit over on the Wolfpack spot. Check it and stay up on these as we come closer to the WP Crit in just a few weeks!


    His comparison of NY to LA riding  was a gem for me…most people don’t think about other locality when they’re racing at events around the world:

    ““The seasonality is definitely more pronounced in New York because Los Angeles enjoys year round ridable weather. To the LA person you can hop on a bike in February and probably be okay. Whereas in NY to be that person who gets on a bike in February, you have to plan it, you have to be prepared and you have to be committed. I do feel that a broader pool embrace the Bike Scene in LA closely. Whereas in NY the pool of people who embrace it is limited by the hardship of it. In NY, You are always going to have your seasonal riders, “Woohoo! It’s awesome!” But their bike sits in their closet for four months. In LA, that same type of person would be more likely to not leave their bike in the closet for four months and to make it more of year long part of their identity.”


    Make sure to hop over for the rest.