• kris
    August 27th

    The friends at Cultur are sponsoring this jammer tomorrow! Check the info Phil sent me below…

    Next week Saturday is gonna be CRAZY!!!! Yowelli is throwing a Jam, the first of its kind. This will be the first HURDLE JAM. Picture a runner at the Olympics jumping over hurdles to beat his competitors to the finish line on a bike. It is open to all types of bikes. MTB, Fixed, Freewheel, BMX! There will also be a Trick Jam over a wedge and the hurdle that we will be throwing up cash for best trick!

    -Hurdle Race- Cash for 1st 2nd 3rd and product for the rest- Sponsored by EVD/ATH 1980
    -Best Trick over a Hurdle Using a wedge- Cash- Sponsored by Cultur
    -Hurdle Long Jump via Wedge- Cash- Sponsored by PostBikeShop

    Its Good New Fashion Fun…Come Ride, Watch, Film, Photograph, Dance and have a good time. Producer and DJ Pushakey on Deck…

    More information over at WWW.YOWELLI.COM