• kris
    February 5th

    I first met Jball at the Epic Comp late last year and was way stoked on his riding. I’d posted up his edits and photos before but had never seen him ride with my own two eyeballs. I was impressed.And he won. He’s been putting out all sorts of solid stuff lately and really seems to have a damn good time on his bike. I hit him up about picking his brain a bitand he was more than happy to oblige. Hell he sent me some dope photos the next day (shouts to Omar Sebai!). Anywho, this is 11 questions with Jay Ball aka Jball…



    1. You know the drill…ASL? Haha. Really though name, age, locale and years riding…all that biz.


    JB: My name is Johnathan Ball, pretty much everybody I know calls me JBall though, 17 years old, currently residing in the good old OC, and been riding those bikes that don’t stop pedaling coming up on 4 years now.



    2. Pretty sure people were surprised and equally stoked to see you take EPIC comp. How’d you feel about that?


    I was probably just as surprised as everyone else. This being one of my first Pro comps I didnt think Id match up against all the bigger dudes there, haha. Definitely stoked when my name was called.



    3. With all the wheel size/frame type talk STILL going on I feel like people might be curious why youre rocking a 700c posi bottom bracket frame. I dig it but what’s the deal with your setup. Preference, style or whattt?


    I’ve always loved the 700c fluidity and style. Everyone says it limits you but I dont really feel it. I guess im just way comfortable with bigger wheels.


    (not limited and some damn good style in this wall to bar shot courtesy of Omar Sebai.)



    4. Favorite movie ever?


    JB: Step Brothers. Way too funny.



    5. Most peeps know you’re repping All City…anything new in the works with them you can leak?


    JB: Unfortunately nothing new is really in the works for freestyle. But a Front Deputy Hub and Sprocket are newer releases that nobody really knows about. Both are real solid.


    (this is almost a year old and still has some rad stuff in it)



    6. Road trip or wings?


    JB: Depends where, not tryna go across the country in a car. I’d prefer a road trip with the right people though. Going up to Epic with Gus, Zane, JD, and Elliott was a really good experience, that was actually my first road trip haha.



    7. Everyone has something they feed off to get stoked. Whats getting you out on the regular to push yourself?


    JB: When I’m out riding with people and everyones going hard and doing their own shit feeding off each others energy, thats what gets me pumped. Also watching edits with good vibes, and watching Joe rip on 700s!



    8. Top 5 favorite spots to cruise?


    JB: The riverbed thats in a lot of my stuff, This bank to fence ride spot in West LA, Secret spot in Irvine, Anything with a manny pad, and the DIY spot in Long Beach that nobody ever wants to go with me to…



    9. I know youve been on the bike for a bit…what are some things you liked and disliked as far as the progression of the sport?


    JB: I think kids need to stop riding if they are only riding to get sponsors and begging companies, just ride cause you like to ride and work with the whip you got. And more companies need to do it for the sport and not just the money, which is why so many companies are pulling out. The way tricks and riding are going though, I think it’s doing great. For a while there were way too many feeble bars though.



    10. Gotta be something that got you into riding. Riders or videos that influenced you to pick up a bike?


    JB: Some kids at my school in 8th grade got fixed gears and when I tried them out I thought it was the coolest feeling ever. So from there Council of Doom always got me stoked, Death Pedal 2 trailer and DVD got me pumped to get a freestyle bike, and Matt’s Autumn edit made me want to push myself and try to get good. I still get stoked off of those 3 videos.



    11. Youre going to be trapped on an island and can take three things with you. No food either. Gotta learn to hunt. Gooo.


    JB: Brad Wilson, Omar Sebai, and Levi Stillman holding a case of Powerade.. More people means easier to hunt!



    Thanks again to Jay for doing this and Omar for snapping some rad photos. I figure I’ll finish this off with the Ninja Cats welcome edit of Jball that went up a few weeks back. Shit was sooo good definitely needs to be in here.