• kris
    November 4th

    If there’s one dude that’s been at the forefront of fixed freestyle media the past few years it’d have to be Zane Meyer. With his resume spanning an array of video projects I was pumped when he hit me up about his most recent one. After pulling together an epic trip to Bangkok last year he’ll be traveling back and beyond to show his new film Bangkok Bound. I checked in with him last week for a few questions on the project and what’s new in his world…click through for the full read!



    1. I got a chance to peep the rough cut of Bangkok Bound and it looks like one hell of a trip. Definitely a wild scene out there and  you had the perfect crew to keep things fun.  What should people expect from this little travel flick?


    This edit was a lot fun to put together. Like all my edits, It’s definitely music driven and shows a good amount of “Lifestyle/True Reality. My music choice in this is more psychedelic then what people are used to. Also captured some priceless moments like Steven jumping over a security’s scooter while the security guard was sleeping. Obviously Combs being Combs and having the locals messing around.



    2. Fill everyone in…who is this Zane Meyer dude?


    I really try to capture the “Lifestyle/true reality” when documenting different subcultures from FGFS to artist to clothing companies.



    3. What’s been on the up and up since you dropped CFTY 3 earlier this year?


    This summer I relaxed for a little bit then started working with some artists. I did a couple videos for an art gallery in Santa Anna called Marcus Gallery. I worked with an amazing artist named Drew Merritt. I did a video of him and he was stoked on my work. Then a few months later we teamed up to work on a project and flew out to Belize to do a documentary.








    4. I saw that! So what all went down on the trip?


    It was crazy how many amazing filming opportunities fell in to my lap. It was a great trip. Mind Expanding. We first painted at a Foster home then later on we had the opportunity to paint at the only prison in Belize. I had a couple of CFTY3 book/dvd’s on me while I was out there. I gave it to one of the guys at the prison and he wanted to show it to the prisoners. It was rad showing them the Movie. They where in shock of what everyone could do on their bikes.




    5. Word is you’re headed on a trip here soon. Whats the scoop with that?


    I stayed in touch with a few friends from my last trip. Petch hit me up about how the Thailand video was coming along and I sent him a rough cut of it. He was stoked on it and told me about a huge competition in Bangkok coming up in Nov. He asked me to come out and present it. We worked out a deal where Elliot Milner and myself are coming out Nov. 4-14th. We also have the opportunity to go to Korea while we are out there.





    6. Video part that stands out filmed by someone else?


    Video part as in an entire edit I would have say Elliot Milner’s edit in Stay Strapped. Matt and Elliot killed it and put in a lot of time on that. I like edits that are longer.




    7. Favorite video/section you’ve had your hands on?


    FGFS related – Most recently would be Jonathan Davis CFTY3 edit. Im so hyped on how it came out. Jaydee and I worked really hard on that edit. One of my all time edits is Jonnie Weiss from CFTY1. Editing with the song “duet” from Gonjasufi was a lot of fun. Im obsessed with editing on the beat of the song. Outside of FGFS is UVT oil & Water video.






    8. Can kids expect to see some CFTY merch anytime soon?


    Probably not. I’d rather spend time and energy on filming and editing than making clothing and mercy. In the future I will probably only do prints.



    9. When will we see the next CFTY?


    I put a lot of time and energy into all 3 of those videos. Early on I had the vision of CFTY being the centralized media hub for FGFS. I wanted to have the best FGFS edits, road trips, commercial ads, and interviews all being highlighted in the dvd and then released later onto the web. Getting double exposure for everyone involved. Whoever contributed to the DVD would get paid/trips funded. Unfortunately, FGFS is too disorganize. Its a great scene to film and capture but hard to build a business model. From here on I’m going to stick to road trips. Its more exciting and more efficient with film schedules. I can film an entire road trip in 10 days compared to filming for 6-7 months and having waiting for filmers/riders to finish an edit on time.




    10. Something has to have scratched your video itch early on. Biggest visual inspiration?

    What got me started was wanting to document my friends and I skateboarding. My friends weren’t great at filming so that pushed me to take on more of the filming roll. Growing up watching 411 skate Magazine, Vice Tv, and documentaries is where a lot of my influence has came from.




    11. A dude with his hands in a bit of everything what else do you have in the works these days?


    After this trip I have a couple projects linned up in La. At the end of Nov going to back to Beijing with Mr. Good Vape to document their trip to visit their distributers. In Dec I’m going to Venus, Florida to interview Jacque Fresco. He is a futurist that has spent his entire life working to develope a resource based economy. A rescourced based economy focusing time into producing resources and out growing the need for money, debt, politics, and war. I will be highlighting him in a video series that ill to be released summer of next year.