• kris
    March 6th

    This past weekend I picked up a little something while out in the bay to meet up with Zane and the dudes shooting Can’t Fool The Youth 2. They were kind enough to cart up some stuff Manuel from Bombtrack sent over for the site. I’ve been looking to get some fresh product onto the site to share with yall and  for the first of it we worked out a little trade with Manuel. Not sure who can ride what just yet but you can bet it’ll be getting ridden and posted up about. More on the way from BT but here’s a little group of flicks I shot over the weekend. Wanted to go for something a little different this time rather than the typical product shots. Figured I’d pop a cold one and try and cook up some goods one the BBQ..sundays are for chillen out haha. Click through for the whole gallery…


    Thanks again to Zane, Antonyo and Mckeag for lugging this thing up here and Royal HC for setting up the shippinggg.