• kris
    September 26th

    Brian from Chrome sent over some info this morning on the newest shoe offering from their stables. The Lower Southside SPD. The press release is below so you can peep the specs but from what I see this is a low profile SPD shoe that can be work just about anywhere yet remain stiff on the bike. These look perfect for some city commuting.

    Introducing the Lower Southside Pro SPD Shoe from Chrome
    Chrome is the original maker of Urban Bike Footwear. For Fall 2012 Chrome is proud to announce a new SPD shoe, the Lower Southside Pro. The Lower Southside Pro is the latest in Chrome’s Pro/SPD Series and was created for commuters who want clip-in performance in a sneaker they can wear all day long. It features a 100% vulcanized sole with rigid nylon shank on 3/4 of the sole with recessed SPD-compatible sole for pedal power and a flexible shank at the toe-plate to help you walk smoother. The durable leather and nylon upper make the Lower Southside Pro an instant classic for Urban SPD shoes.