• kris
    April 27th

    Here’s one sick press release from Chrome welcoming him to the Chrome Familia!

    (April 27, 2012) San Francisco, CA – Chrome Industries is proud to announce the addition of Massan to the Chrome Familia. Hailing from Oakland, raised in San Francisco and now a finding himself at a new dwelling in the concrete playground of New York City, Massan has been a terror on the streets with his track bike for over ten years. He attacks the urban terrain like a cheetah stalking his prey with fluid precision and the control of a marksman. There’s not much else you can say about his style other than jaw dropping and his video parts online prove it. Not one to be satisfied by a single passion, Massan’s prowess extends beyond the bike where you can find his second talent as a skilled photographer. On and off the bike, Massan creates.

    Be on the look out this weekend as Massan makes his first appearance as a Chrome Familia member at Red Bull Ride & Style contest in San Francisco, CA, where he will compete in the track portion of the contest. If you roll to the contest, it’s worth wathcing the crowds’ jaws drop as he rolls by like a flash of reckless abandonment.