• kris
    February 6th

    So a couple days ago i met up with Jerome again for what i thought was another photo shoot…wrong.

    We meet up with this guy wade, cool dude, that Jerome had met through flickr. He apparently had these cool abandoned buildings we could get into to take some industrial type shots. Im thinking a bunch of junk in an old office building that we could build some stuff out of. Wrong again. First place we headed was an abandoned basement parking garage, completely dark and pretty deep. In the back was a hole in a wall, literally, through a foot thick concrete wall. From there it was a tunnel under a building at which point we realized the bikes weren’t coming along at this point. We crawl through a few more holes into an abandoned hotel that looked as though the people had just up an left…and then squatters and urban explorers had their way with the place. After the bird poop covered floors of the hotel we headed to an old office, where we did manage to get a few shots, one of which is posted. I wont go into much more detail as Jerome put up a bit about the day as well…