• kris
    June 29th

    Finally met up with my good buddy Jerome yesterday after having been gone. Chilled out and caught up for a bit before deciding to head out and shoot some photos. “Fashion” photos. Ha. Jerome has been trying to strengthen his portfolio and get in some practice with a wide variety of photography…clothes and such being one of them. Im not much of a model and it was hot as hell here yesterday, so we decided some dirtball looking shots were in order. Need a theme of some sort so i grabbed a bunch of Mishka stuff and we popped out. We ended up down by the river and on some private property with some real neat metal structures. Fun excursion that was hopefully helpful to him! These are just some bits i snapped while we were out…and one of the shots is posted up on his blog. Theres a grip more of my ugly mug thatll probably be up on his flickr at some point.