• kris
    November 11th

    This is the first of hopefully a few of these types of posts…not promising any really unique or incredibly cool ideas but just some things that work. I made this hip pouch last summer and rocked it for a good while and found it to be pretty convenient, especially for how easy it was to make. Keep in mind that I did all this stitching by hand and with not much practice…hence it looking a bit crappy haha. If you were to use a sewing machine for this itd probably be done real quick and look a bit better. The pictures probably do a better job explaining what i did but i tried getting it down as best i could with words. I may make a few of these to put in the store if theres some interest…for something like $20. Make sure you read through the whole post! Its a tad long but everything is there. Anywho…


    – Pant leg left over from making some super hip cutoffs.
    – Key lanyard with a buckle (this ones from Disneyland ha).
    – Needle and thread or sewing machine.
    – Time to kill.
    – Beers?

    Step 1: Cutting Length.

    Measure and cut material to length keeping in mind you’re going to need it long enough for a folding flap. I think i cut mine at about 10 inches. Length is mostly a matter of preference…depending on how deep you want the pouch to be.

    Step 2: Sealing the Beast.

    After cutting your length turn the pant leg inside out and stitch across one end to create the bottom of the pouch. On mine i closed up the end i cut to have a cleaner look, using the hemmed end for the top of the pouch, and make it easier to sew by having less to stitch through. Hell, maybe you want it looking all nasty up top…stitch up the other end if so.

    Step 3: Keeping it Closed.

    Turn the fabric back back right side in (is the the correct term? ha). Cut your lanyard down to size. I used the female end of the buckle on the bottom and cut it short just short enough to allow stitching it on. When cutting the top portion of the buckle make sure you keep it long enough to connect to the bottom without having it bunch up the bag. Easiest way to do this is to sew on the bottom buckle near the bottom of the bag (duh?) then fold the top of your pouch to the size of the flap you want (mine is about two inches i believe). Connect the buckle together and cut the top portion so that its long enough to be sewn at the top of the fold you made for the flap. Stitch that thing on.

    Step 4: Sicking it to the Hip.

    After you have the front end ready to be closed up…do so. Then flip the pouch over to attach some belt loops, again from the lanyard, to the back side. These too can be cut to preference depending on how wide of a belt you’re going to use. I’d say mine are about 3 inches long but i didn’t and haven’t been measuring any of this haha. Stitch on the top and bottom of each strap leaving a good amount of room between them to keep the pouch balanced on your hip…putting them too close together will make the little guy hang awkwardly for sure. Shit would be annoying i can imagine. Position the loops near the top of the pouch (while folded still) leaving maybe half an inch for it to close over a grip of stuff should you need to carry a small animal or something in it.

    Note: Using something like canvas or maybe more fabric to make a broad thick strap instead of two loops might be a bit better. This works perfectly fine but when its not too filled up it does pinch together when riding a bit. Really though, it doesn’t matter.

    Step 5: Wear it. Drink a beer. Be Merry.

    Ive gotten a good amount of stuff in this thing and whats pictured wasnt even filling it to capacity. I actually used to carry my video and picture cameras in this to avoid taking a bag. This shouldnt take too long and is good way to kill time…especially with the shitty weather coming!