• kris
    August 6th

    I haven’t done a post like this since I made my hip pouch a couple years back so I though it was about time to do another little something.

    For most of you the pegs on your pedals probably aren’t an issue you have to deal with. Since I don’t roll with foot retention the pegs that come on my pedals are pretty important for setting up for and keeping my with me during tricks. I find my pedals getting pretty slippery from grinds and general wear pretty often, especially since going pegless again. If you’re running FRS your strap side of your pedals should be pretty fresh as far as this goes. However, there are a few people who run one strap or are looking for a little extra grip at the pedal. I decided to see what I could do with my pedals before scrapping them and below is what I came up with (click through for the rundown and some flicks).

    Problem: Pedals are super slippery.

    Step 1: Grab some screws and things to put them in with. I picked up some small hex shaped screws that are only about a quarter of an inch long at most. These seemed the best fit for the project and grip a lot better than the rounded brass screw in the photos (though I did use that for something else).

    Step 2: Tap some leader holes. Though I have a perfectly functioning drill getting it out of the basement and charging it seemed a bit too much. Instead I used a phillips head screw that better at cutting into the pc pedals fr starting a hole to screw in. I tried to start a hole that was just a bit less than where the final ones would need to be.

    Step 3: Screw in your grip. Tapping the holes definitely helps in preventing your pedal from cracking so its worth the extra effort. I chose to do three on the front and rear of my pedals and its more than enough.

    Step 4: Go Ride.

    This obviously isn’t very hard or unheard of but it didn’t cross my mind right away when thinking about how bad my pedals were. If you had a drill this would be a lot easier and probably nicer looking. Use what you got though!
    I went out and tested them for a few hours after finishing them and they worked awesome. Pedals were grippy as ever doing spins, wallrides and all that jazz.