• kris
    April 28th

    For those of you who live in Sac you probably remember the old Upper Playground spot on J Street. A bit back it disappeared and in its place something new sprang up…First Edition. Aaron, who’s been down with the Upper (see that?) for years, decided to open his own mens focused boutique with a bunch of solid stuff inside. There’s still a decent amount of stuff paying homage to the old Upper spot (pens, paints and Upper branded clothes) but what he’s got together in there now is just way sick. A few of my good homies have been friends with Aaron for some time now and I happened to be meeting up with one of them there the other day…snagged some flicks while I was there. I forgot to take pics of the First Edition tee and Pendelton flannel I bought from the spot but Ill shoot those up later. Check the slew of decor and product below.