• Phillip
    April 1st

    Nowadays a lot of folks preach “fixed gear freestyle is dead” and its on its way out. Well there are people out there that still ride everyday, still buy parts, still want to buy parts, and stay up to date with everything FGFS. There may not be a whole lot of content going up like it used to be, but I guarantee you that they are still checking the sites everyday to see if there is. One of those dudes just so happens to be a good friend of mine Michael Jung, not a known name in fixed gear but has been around since the 700x32c in a crimped scrambler days, and has stayed consistent with it the entire time. It’s folks like him, who don’t just ride to get recognized like most shit head kids that I know these days and keep my faith that FGFS has a second coming on the horizon. Go ride your bike, go learn a new trick, and stop being so negative. On that note, here is Michael sliding a double peg on a rail with a shitty run up, and lined with power boxes, talk about unnerving.