• kris
    February 7th

    I am posting this solely because…well I can. My long time friend Jenn Wong informed a few minutes ago that she no longer frequents my blog like she used to. Rather she likes to watch the titles of posts from her high tower on twitter and judge the poor peon posts for what they are named. They don’t choose their names or have the right to stand up to being posted and therefore have no say in what Jenn thinks of them. Not quite fair for all the little videos and pictures that make their way down the bloggy trail. How would you feel if someone only like your better qualities and disregarded all the rest?! So, in spite of Jenn’s picking and choosing I will make sure that she reads this little bugger just for mere fun. Nothing exciting. Nothing interesting. Nothing worth writing home to your mummy about. However since she is in fact sitting right next to me I will thoroughly enjoy her reaction to this. Shanananana.