• kris
    January 31st

    I met Jerome some time ago…before he left the happenin city of Sacramento (hah) to head to africa. He did some damn cool stuff out there helping all kinds of people…knowing him you wouldnt be surprised. Dudes legit. We’ve been meaning to get together for some time now to get some riding and photos in…today it finally happened. Jerome loves taking photos about as much as i dig riding my bike…and according to him…this is the best place to eat in town. They do have killer patty melts. Below is what Mr. J got today.

    In a couple weeks J dog will be headed to Haiti to lend a hand to some people…in preparation for this hes got some prints from his trip to Africa up on his flickr to help get him there. Ill be picking one up for my living room for sure…check those and the rest of his stellar photogs on his bloggy or his flickr!

    theres a few more on his stream