• kris
    March 24th

    I picked up my Mishka spring package the other night from UPS and was super excited despite what happened on the way there (photos of my wrecked car that i just got to come :(). Both the spring D.A.R.T. line and the regular spring line have some of my favorite graphics to date. Id have to say the D.A.R.T. Simon skull is one of my at the top of my list right now…so much that i almost got the tie dye version. Made sure to show some love for Prollmeister the blog king, though i may never be seen wearing that hat in public. Haha…i kid i kid. Most comfy thing here is the D.A.R.T. crew…so so soft…and with pockets! There were a few things I wanted to grab but weren’t available in anything that would remotely fit me haha. All in all a solid season in my opinion. Plenty of photos below and peep everything else on the Mishka store!