• kris
    April 2nd

    I finally got back into town…not that i was so excited…yesterday from NYC. I had wanted to update everyday but there was just too much stuff going on to make that happen. The trip was damn awesome with next to no complaints (passing out with a cheese and egg sandwich in my hands and waking up with dried cheese all over my arms could have been nixed). Everyone i met up with was way cool and more than friendly. HUGE thanks to John Prorry Watson for letting me crash on his couch and cuddle with his dog…and his girl for putting up with me. Tony Fast, Jeremiah, the dudes at Affinity, Luke, Ellen, Temkin, the Mishka crew and everyone else i was introduced to…thanks for the great conversations, the laughs, the drinks and the good times! I came back with more stuff than i left with and a hell of a lot less money, but it was well worth it. I missed a few people, namely Torey, but ill be back shortly my man! Here’s whats i managed to shoot…again there was too much going on and it was a tad wet so i didnt get many photos. NYC. Im smitten. I would very much like to move.

    Tuesday John and i hit downtown…and it was dumping. Probably the worst bike ride of my life but it was still oh so good. Cold as all get out and he managed to get a flat. Ha.

    I ate so much food…from pancakes at brunch (with some damn good mimosas ha) to rarest burger of my life. Im kind of eh when it comes to cooked hamburger but that thing was tasty and as far as i know, no mad cow for me (thanks Luke!). The taco trucks killed it along with my “authentic Brooklyn breakfast” of salmon and goat cheese bagels, some yerba mate and Green drink. Also got some “most authentic as you can get” Southern food from Pies and Thighs which was real good.

    Made it by Chari & Co as well…

    and grabbed this from Affinity…thanks Jason!

    After being late for my flight…then finding out i actually wasnt late but that i was misinformed but was subsequently late as a result…i paid $200 for a new ticket that was supposed to be $150, made it back to Brooklyn, retrieved my debit card that i had left at the bar the night before and enjoyed one last night in New York with good people. Then reluctantly got on my way home. One of the most solid weeks ever.