• kris
    December 27th

    I started this series ages ago only to do one post. Let’s change that…

    Chances are if you’re from Sac or have ever spent a good amount of time here on a bike or skateboard you’ve been the The B. Sac is laid out in a real nice grid so the name of the park, if it wasn’t obvious, is the streets the park is located on…well B street doenst really exist where the park is but if it did thats what itd be on. Haha. Anywho, riding this park on a bike is usually a no go unless you go with someone special or ummm…find other ways of making it happen ;). I rolled with Schmitt and my buddy Anthony here this past Saturday and snapped a couple flicks. Not everything is pictured but you can see how big the place is. We got some clips going into an edit here soon so you’ll be able to get a better idea of what inside soon. Plenty of boxes and rails of different sizes and shapes, a bowl, huge quarters, mini and full size halfs, fun boxes, spinesm hips, jersey barriers and a real nice wallride make for a super fun spot. If you’re in town check it.

    Note: I didn’t initially take these photos for this reason so there is a good thirty feet to the left of the first photo that you cant see. Huge quarters, a spine and a bank are out of the picture.