• kris
    July 7th

    Rolled around a bunch checking out some new spots…came up on these beauties. Also lost my ipod (luckily found it later), got two flats, walked 5 miles, ate two burgers, drank 3 arizonas and 1 Amp, filmed, took some pictures, and had some delicious wine. As if you care!

    Heres what we found:

    Cool downramp into a wall…adjacent to some flat gaps, bumps and a crazy ass lurker who claimed and i quote “Shake my hand! I aint no gansta! I grew up in Sacramento”. Verbatim. As if sacramento has no G’s. Pffft.

    Then this place…hands down the biggest parking area ive seen that has no real use. A football field long and wider with just a handful of cars and a security guard who could care less. Right on the river with every manual(wheelie) pad you can think of. Up Down, Up, Down, Up Curve Down…you get it. Also some really cool drainage runs to ride…and its under the freeway next to the trains. Nifty feel to it.




    Good day. Thanks Matt and Brad.