• kris
    January 11th

    Caught up with the kid boy wonder for a what was supposed to be a quick convo…that turned into an interesting story that novels are made of. Milking dogs and all.Ha.


    Taylor: 28-6-42-12?
    Me: your sizes?
    T: Donnie Darko lol.
    Me: Ohhhhhhh one of my favorite movies. Cellar door. Ok no more wasting your time.
    T: Hahah, it’s okay my time penis isn’t leading me anywere right now.

    1. Gummy bears. Whats your take on eating those tiny sugary animals?

    T: They’re really good. i mean, i’m a big fan of the red ones and the clear ones.
    Me: No go on the yellow?
    T: Yellows good, i just wouldn’t go out of my way to fish one out, like i’ll go to great lengths to get a red or clear one out of the bag.
    Me: Crossing canyons and what not?
    T: You know it.
    Me: Im more of a gummy worm person myself.
    T: Dude gummy worms are epic.
    Me: Wtf. Why didnt you say so!

    2. Name, age, residence, pets…all that stalker type stuff.

    T: Taylor Dwight, 17. I live in Palo Alto and I have a dog named Colby. He’s pretty epic. I mean he’s like a cow but in actuality he’s a dachshund.
    Me: Can Colby be milked?
    T: Uh, i don’t really think so. I mean i didn’t pay much attention in biology, nor do i really know much about how male dogs work, but i would assume that he can’t be. I don’t know that dog milk is appealing you know. You’re welcome to try, i think he’d be pretty unhappy about it though.
    Me: Hahaha nah im good.


    3. What is most exciting and most disappointing for you in fixed freestyle right now?

    T: I don’t really know, i never road bmx so i really like getting into the gnar stuff. I think the way the scene has grown out in so many directions is pretty cool. i like that the “sport” is so young that we sort of help to shape it. I don’t know what i’d be disappointed by, mostly not having people to ride with during the week? But it’s not too bad i just kind of focus in on a trick put on some music and try to hammer it out.
    M: Sometimes thats the way to be though…solitary confinement.

    4. A lot of people seem to cross-over from other sports into riding fixed. Did you come from any other background like skateboarding or Pro Beach Volleyball?

    T: I used to play allot of ice hockey, some lacrosse and water polo. I really like hockey, I want to try and play a bit again but i don’t have enough time. Douglas Murray for the win, he’s underrated, dude destroys at D.
    Me: Hocky?! Id never have guessed that. So no go on suntan lotion and hot sand?
    T: Hahaha, i actually really don’t like the beach. Woohoo sharks scored.
    Me: Wait so we’re both distracted by the tv while wer’re doing this?
    T: Is there any other way?
    Me: Negative.
    T: Exactly.

    5. So word is youve got something going with All-City. Howd that come about, whats the dealio and how damn stoked are you?

    T: I’m pretty damn stoked, i mean some of it is still in the works, but i’m really digging the dropout and i hope to get mine soon. Jeff emailed me after my last edit, really nice dude. Can’t wait to pop on some fat tires and huck it without breaking rims.
    Me: You break a lot of rims?
    T: 9 i think
    Me: Good god you topped me for sure. Tacod?
    T: Some of em, the others got fat dents and sort of things. One of them was run over by a car
    Me: Ohhh pray tell.
    T: Dude was on the wrong side of the road, hit me and i woke up in a ambulance.
    Me: What?! So gnarly.
    T: I think my head broke his car haha.
    Me: Bahaha so your hard headed then?
    T: Lol i guess so. The game was like rawr. Then the kings got a power play and i was like lame.
    Me: I thought you were talking about mountain lions for a second.

    6. Favorite kind of seafood?

    T: Fish suck, i mean i’ll eat good old fish n chips, but i don’t like it in general. i’m all about the carls jr double western bacon cheaseburger.
    Me: Healthy! Next time you’re here ill treat you to the best fish and chips in sac.
    T: Sick! Sounds good man. I don’t get to have it often
    Me: No problem. The treat is taking you there. You get to buy.
    T: Hahaha…i don’t know that i ever have much money. Lol.

    7. Favorite trick and the most current bicycle maneuver your working on?

    T: Hmm thats a tricky one. I want to do a tailwhip. Really really bad. I think im going to go to the park this weekend and give it a try. Im also working on footplant hop bars off stuff.
    Me: Dude. Sickness. Watch your balls though.
    T: Haha yeah.

    8. Do you think im cheating by asking more than one thing per question? I mean im wasting one now but i think ive got a few to spare.

    T: Haha, can you cheat if you set the rules? I don’t really know that you can, it’s like…..damnit my dog is trying to eat my food. He’s getting pretty into it. He’s really small so i just kind of push him aside and he revs and jumps at it again. Its pretty cool.
    Me: Revs like a car?
    T: Kind of like a car thats back wheels are stuck in a mud pit. It’s really funny lookin
    Me: Perfect visual! Thanks. See im here wondering if im going to end up on the show “cheaters” and your dog is doing tricks. Wtf.
    T: Dude i tried to teach him hind leg wheelies and “Cheaters” is so funny. Like the one were the guy stright up punched his gf, kicked a cop and hoped a fence.
    Me: Bahaha classic…terrible…but classic.
    T: Yeah, haha.

    9. Where do you see fixed freestyle going in the big picture…i know that’s a super broad question but give it a stab.

    T: Haha, trying to guess were fgfs is going to go in the future is like trying to convert the pope into a nihilist (which is something i’d like very much to try) I guess people are just going to try to go bigger and bigger…and maybe some more work with fakie wheelies in lines, but i really have no idea.
    Me: Less tech more gnar? or a balanced mix?
    T: Oh for me, a balanced mix, overall i don’t know. I like both.
    Me: Agreed sir.

    10. Some people think you’re more into web edits than you are full-lengths. True?

    T: Oh, i don’t know that that’s true. It’s just a matter of my full deal things not being out yet. As far as web edits I really like them, I think it’s great that people can bounce ideas of each other. It can be a huge influence on style. The more you’re exposed to, the better rider you can become.
    Me: Ohhhh so some stuff on the horizon i feel ;).

    11. You’re leaving our perfect climate of California to head to the frigid streets of NY… do you think you’ll see any unicorns there?

    T: I don’t really know, but if i do, i’m going to mount it and ride into the sunset.
    Me: Ha. Well how do you think the move will influence your style?
    T: Hmmm, I don’t really know. There are people here that rip it hard and there are people there that do too. I would say they focus a bit more on gnar, but i don’t know for sure that that’s true. Now, i do plan on riding headfirst into large banks of snow!
    Me: I’m jealous. I love snow angels. Are you going to eat new york style pizza?
    T: Hell yes!
    Me: With your feet
    T: Thats some contortionist moves right there. I’m not that flexible haha. I really want to flood a street in the winter and play ice hockey in the middle of Manhattan however.
    Me: So you’re excited to go yes?
    T: Word to big bird
    Me: Sesame street wasnt in ny was it?
    T: Haha i don’t know.
    Me: Well sir…thanks for letting me waste your time, keep killin shit and make your way back out to sacto!
    T: Haha naw, it was all good, epic questions.
    Me: I tried.