• kris
    August 22nd

    Sean Martin is one busy dude that’s always on the move. Urban Velo caught up with him to talk alleycats in their Alleycat Insight series. Sean’s been super involved in the race scene down in LA through his efforts with TOLA, CBNC and now SGSC. If you want know a bit of the back story to all those acronyms hit the full story here.




     “You’re one of those dudes who is entrenched in urban cycling but you aren’t a  messenger. Have you ever been?

    I certainly am out here in these streets; urban riding is my love and passion and to address the        messenger question, once before I became so engrossed in “urban cycling” I worked as messenger      for like a month or two many many many years ago in Seattle. The job didn’t last for me at all, I      was into other “things” and I wasn’t doing my best in life. I don’t claim to be one, I don’t claim to      be an ex-messenger, never was. It was one of those times in a young man’s life when I was                    bouncing around from job to job and place to place for a brief period. I call it the skateboard                years…” (more here)