• kris
    January 23rd

    When my Chrome Bravo showed up last summer to review I knew it would quickly become a daily bag. I carry around a Warsaw for work but that things a beast. If I’m going to film or hit the skatepark I usually want something a bit easier to move around with but still capable of hauling some stuff. The shots below show all I packed up for a little filming last weekend (minus the camera obviously ha). There was plenty more room in there but this is more or less what I have packed into this bag on the regular. There’s a little review below along with a bunch more flicks.



    I found the Bravo size wise to be solid. Its not at all too wide and has the ability to expand vertically with the roll opened up. The compression straps that cross on the front of the bag also let you squeeze some more stuff in there though I found a much better use for those ha.




    The problem with some backpacks is the way they fit and look when full versus empty. Sure you can make anything look sick if its flexible and easy to set up for a photo. With stuff packed into the bag it still fits and looks a okay. That hard back insert definitely helps the Bravo keep its shape and its vertical profile helps keep weight centered on your back. Bag looks good and feels real comfy when riding around. Gettin’ it.





    If you open up the main pouch on this you’ll notice its just that. No laptop sleeve or hidden pockets for whatever goods your trying to stash. On a bag that’s trying to keep it simple yet organized that’s perfect. Once you pop the hood on the front you’ll see there’s more than enough spots to pack away all your stuff. Laptop sleeve for a comp or tablet, another for tools or anything else you don’t want floating around up top and a taped zipper pocket for smaller stuff.




    Pretty sure I got this back in August and since then have taken it on quite a few trips, slid down the street a few times on my back and spilled all sorts of beer in it. Aside from some surface scratches on the outer front panel this thing is still mint.





    My favorite part of this bag? It carries a skateboard so damn good. The compression straps on the front of the bag cross over my board and keep it pretty secure while cruising on the bike.




    Overall the Bravo is legit. Carries a ton of stuff and works well doing it. The one thing I would probably change on the bag would be the straps. Not because they aren’t good as they are but if they were just a bit thicker they’d be even better for the heavier loads. Thanks again to Chrome for the opportunity.