• kris
    December 15th

    So usually when i find stuff online thats going for a halfway decent price im greedy and keep it to myself…actually im poor and dont buy much on the internet so i just opt out of telling anyone and let the deals pass by. Ha.

    Anywho, im going to start this up regularly, like “This week in pictures!” and “Lunchbreak Lookout,” to help yall get some stuff on the cheap. Today its nothing too special…and maybe not even that inexpensive but i just picked up a set as a christmas gift for someone…

    IRO 36 Hole Hubset (Black)$40

    These are identical to formulas and would be perfect for building up some 36h chukkers! Theres something like 10 fix/fix sets and 14 fix/free sets left.


    Probably not too many people interested in low flange hubs…but theyve also got some 36h low flange IRO hubs for $20.