• kris
    September 13th

    Ive been waiting for these to drop forevvver now. Mark and JP at iMiNUSD have been grinding to get these things out and damn do they look good. Actually been considering trying out a strap or two lately to see what it might change…you can bet itll be these. Stoked on this. The press release is below:

    “East Meets West: Hold Fast + iMiNUSD FRS

    In efforts to provide the fixed gear community with tried and true products to withstand the abuse of everyday riding, Hold Fast and iMiNUSD collaborate to bring you the first FRS that unites both East and West coast.

    With iMiNUSD and Hold Fast being the product of grassroots business and labor, each independently owned company has left a distinguished mark in a vastly growing part of fixed gear freestyle riding. We have teamed up to share our storied history with you and to provide you with a product that has set the bar for all foot retention systems dedicated to fixed gear freestyle.

    iMiNUSD and Hold Fast are two companies built by the community, for the community. And we thank you for choosing to support your local, American-Made, business. Be on the look out for more collaborative projects from iMiNUSD.

    iMiNUSD + Hold Fast FRS will be available this Wednesday, 9/15. Pre-order your set here.”