• kris
    June 25th

    The moment a bunch of you have been waiting for…Eighthinch got in their first shipment of freestyle parts today! Stems, bars and cranks are all ready to order. If youre looking for the sprockets they’ll be in the next shipment that’ll be here real soon. Ive been riding all of this stuff for some time and have been more that happy with it! Havent seen the raw cranks before this and damn…i want. Cranks come in 160, 165 and 170 lengths in white, black and raw. Stems are looking fresh in the same three colors with an added logo on the front not seen on the protos. The cross bars are just under 2 inches (like 1.96) with a 26 inch width, 25.4 clamp and again raw, black and white. Check the Eighthinch store if youre looking to swoop some solid stuff and a good price.