• kris
    June 29th

    In addition to the splined sprockets that went up yesterday…a few other goods made their way through the Eighthinch doorway. Bash guards and polo sticks!

    The sprockets have been shot and are now ready to take home from the store.

    I had no idea the bash guards were even ready to go let alone coming in already! These little nuggets are looking good and will likely save some chains. I havent done sprocket grinds in some time for just that reason. 6061 material and comes in two sizes…one to fit 35-37t sprockets and one for 39-45t. Way excited for these.

    Polo sticks came out looking real nice as well. 6061 aluminum shaft with a 19mm diameter to fit the mallet heads. You can snag the two of them together or buy them separately. Cool to see some readily available polo products like this popping up more and more…hopefully itll get a few more people out rolling around.