• kris
    January 14th

    In case you hadnt noticed….the guys at Eighthinch have been beefing up their line with some recent fixed freestyle bits. Though both of these are still in prototype theyre definitely good enough to be production. First up are their “BMX” cranks…to be marketed as freestyle cranks. Ive been beating these up for a few weeks and have been more than pleased.



    These are the 2.5 piece design that run with a standard bolt style sprocket interface. These things have been on ledges, rails, off stairs, down gaps…just about everything you could do to a crankset…and theyre still looking pretty. Stiff, solid and surprisingly not too much play in the sprocket once you get it on there good and tight. Still, the splined bad boys are now in the works and are looking just as nice. I havent yet had a chance to throw mine on, need to track down a 15t cog first, but theyre looking like theyll do well indeed.



    Once i give the little guys a whirl ill put up a bit about them. I have put some time in on the new stem and am diggin it quite a bit. Raw finished beefy little bugger. Im running it with 22.2 bars so i had to shim it as its a 25.4 clam diameter. Ive yet to have my bars slip or wiggle and dont see it happening…nor have i had the stem spin on my steerer. Its solid and does its job well for sure. And i think its rather pretty…yes…like flowers. Ha.




    Definitely making some good moves with all this stuff…expect even more good stuff to be coming from eighthinch ;).

    And heres what im messin around on at the moment…blurred bad :/.