• kris
    March 16th

    I got an email a week or so ago from Stephen at Inso asking if i wanted to try out some of his new straps. I took a look at them and pondered it for a bit before shooting him an email today. There’s an ever increasing range of straps to choose from with what seems like a new company popping up every few weeks or so. Ill only jump to posting or testing something like this if there’s something unique or desirable about them (like with the custom leather im testing on my Bianchi for Sofus Francisco). These jams come in at just $25 and are likely better than than these. They also look like they’re pretty well made and come in a good deal of colors. Aside from the price im liking that these use no metal buckles or rings. It may hinder their performance but may make them that much more comfortable…its what i like about Burros. As im trying to expand a bit I might toss them to one of the kids I ride with and see what they can do with them (I dont ride straps still ;))…or maybe ill dink around on them to the store and such. Peep some photos…more on the Inso site.