• kris
    May 23rd

    Missed a couple exciting things from my good friends at Toro dropped recently! First up they got their first sets of Toro Edition Sofus Francisco straps in just over a week ago. The Tigh10 Pro straps are looking real nice with the updated colored hardware, stronger nylon and different width. I let Brian from Toro test out on of the Lockedcog [Titan] sets I got and he loved them enough to get things set up with Sofus. I definitely dig the [Titans] on my Bianchi…things have been rained on and ridden real hard but have stayed as comfy as ever! Look for my review on those to finally be up soon…

    Looks like they got some vinyl done too…i love me some stickers. Gonna have to ask where they got these cut so i can get some fresh lockedcog jams too.