• kris
    November 9th

    Ive always had a soft spot for hip pouches. I havent worn mine in some time but i keep it around (maybe ill throw some photos up of it here soon!). They’re really nice alternative to carrying a bag when all you need is a few essentials. These new pieces from Pedal Consumption are looking real good…nice design and what looks to be a solid construction. I wanted to post more photos but my phone’s being lame so check them here…or pick one of these guys up here! Lookin’ purdy guys.

    • 1000D Cordura Construction
    • Interior Floating Liner
    • Waterproof
    • Spacious Main Compartment
    • 2 Column Side Pockets
    • 1 Large Front Pocket
    • Integrated Mini U-Lock Holster
    • Cordura Belt Loop
    • Adjustable Quick Release Belt
    • Custom Screen Printed PC Logo
    • Available in Black or Drab Green

    • 6″ Wide x 5-7″ Tall x 1.5″ Deep