• kris
    March 24th

    I saw these bad boys while I was on vacation earlier this week and drooled all over my beach towel. Phil threw it back to the splash anodize days for their latest set of anniversary hubs marking 45 years making some of the best. These are super limited and down to 13 sets so if you want a piece of cycling history I’d jump on these fast! Quite a few track hubs still available as well as a few road but once these are gone they’re gone for good…




    “For our 45th Anniversary we are excited to offer sets of our hubs in splash anodize. Each hub is done by hand and is free-form. Because of this no hub or hub set will be the same. In order to make it easier for you to see the different options, we are providing pictures of each hub sets from 3 different angles. Once you select and purchase a particular set it will no longer be available and will be removed shortly from the store. If you have any questions you can contact our sales department by phone or email 408-298-1540, sales@philwood.com “