• kris
    February 14th

    This post is sort of a mix of things but mostly to tell you that you can swoop some Revolights right now for $199. The dudes are having a Valentines sale on their cutting edge lights and dropped the price till sunday. This means they love you. Press release below for that after the click.



    Though a lot of my time riding my FGFS bike I do have a few others in the stable. My track bike is going to be a little brighter when I take out at night. I’m going to be making a trip to the Revolights HQ in the coming week or so to have them set up some lights on that new EI Manifest. Ill be cruising around on both for a bit to do a review and see how things hold up. Also going to grab a couple of the homies to make a little day trip video featuring the lights. This is going to be a rad project…stoked to get rolling on both.




    “EMERYVILLE, CA – February 7, 2013 – Revolights, the revolutionary bike lighting system,
    announced their first sale today just in time for Valentine’s Day, dropping the price for a full set
    from $250 to $199. This first time sale will be held at www.revolights.com starting on Thursday,
    February 7th lasting through Sunday, February 17th.


    The Bay Area startup, led by Kent Frankovich and Adam Pettler, got their start with the help of
    Kickstarter supporters and have been revolutionizing bicycle safety with their innovative design
    ever since. Revolights, for the first time, integrates style, safety, and functionality to the bike light
    industry, winning Core77’s Design Award 2012 for Transportation and Gear Junkie’s #1 Top
    Gear of 2012.


    The patented Revolights bike lighting system consists of two narrow rings of LEDs that mountdirectly to each wheel using a series of clips and ring spacers. Lithium­ion batteries,bracket­mounted to the front and rear hub, supply power to the LEDs. The batteries are slim andlightweight, and can be charged via USB. A small, fork­mounted magnet and an integratedaccelerometer provide speed and orientation data to the rings. This allows the LEDs to illuminateonly when oriented at the front or rear of the bicycle. Demo video.


    For Valentine’s Day, Revolights will be celebrating their love of bikes and lights with this, their
    very first sale. Fall in love with your bike again and ride more… at night!

    Revolights Team.”