• kris
    January 7th

    Late last year this little guy from ABUS unexpectedly popped up at my office for a little testing. I typically roll with a mini lock working in town so naturally I welcomed the Ultra 410 Mini with open arms. A lightweight yet nicely built compact lock perfect for a quick stop or something a bit longer when paired with the provided cable. After a few months slinging this guy around poles on the daily here’s a little rundown on what I liked about the 410 Mini!









    After at least a few hundred lock-ups my Mini is still rolling strong as it did out of the box. Where some locks would be showing some wear on the keys and tumblers this little guy is still doing his job daily. Being a smaller lock I usually sling it around my head or top tube for deliveries or to lock down my front wheel when I’m doubling up.  For those not keen on carrying extra locks the included 4.5′ Cobra cable works well for securing your goods on those longer stops.







    Likely my favorite feature on the 410 series is the double sided “wafer” keys. The slim keys fit the same either way making the lock quicker and easier to whip open than directional keys. Might not sound like much but after locking up all day or trying fumble your bike free  a few pints in and you’ll feel it!








    Safe to say function is easily more important than design when talking locks. On the 410 ABUS went with fresh green casing on the lock body and a slimmed down shackle for a sleek look that pops. Though it won’t keep your bike any safer at least you wont look like a boob toting around something goofy.







    According to the ABUS site this bad boy comes in at an 8/15 on keeping people’s mitts off your ride. In hand the 410 Mini feels like a lightweight despite a solid casing and a well designed interior. Those cool keys come into play yet again a la “decoy” cuts aimed to leave thieves picking their nose instead of your lock. A mix of a simple yet secure design and solid build accurately drops the 410 just above midway on the security scales.





    Looking for an proper entry level lock under $50? The Mini 410 could easily be your jam. A secure construction and and slimmed down design great for being on the go. The added bonus of a cable all for a decent price…hard to beat! If by chance you need something larger never fear, the 410 comes in a couple bigger sizes here!