• kris
    May 8th

    Beyond 3M reflective inks and cooling vents you have perhaps the most crucial bit of cycling apparel…bottoms. Chrome has been adding all sorts of ride inspired gear to their soft goods as of late but nothing as cool as the Folsom. They went beyond making their new pants (and shorts) look like they belong on a bike to making them FEEL like they’re meant for the saddle…click through for the breakdown.






    Maybe not as important when we’re talking function but you sure as hell don’t want people staring when you hit the store for a 6 pack. The Folsom looks more like casual dress pants than jeans but definitely still cool enough to wear on the daily. On me they fit like almost like skinny jeans with a bit of room to move.




    Off the top I’ll say these are way more comfy on the bike than jeans will ever be. Even in denim designed for riding I’ve never felt like I could move as I do in the Folsom. The two way stretch fabric keeps things looking good in the long run but gives that little bit of extra stretch while your pedaling. Also worth noting that no matter how recently you’ve washed these they never feel like you’re slipping into cardboard…which is nice.






    This is where it really counts for me. Whether its a beat looking u-lock or a pair of pants all that really matters is that they work. To make them work a bit harder Chrome added a couple cool features with the u-lock loop and rear reflective label. I’m always wearing a belt so I could take or leave the rear tag as it’s usually covered by my belt (it does look damn nice tho). As for the u-lock holster it’s my favorite part on the Folsom hands down. Where other’s have failed they succeeded by putting a u-lock holder on the OUTSIDE of the belt line. Perfect.








    Had my legs in these for the better part of a month and they look just like they did when they showed up at my door. A few weeks of working during the day (rain and shine), some days on the freestyle bike and a few long rides and I’d be hard pressed not to be into them. In wet weather the outer repels water while the inner soaks up sweat on warmer days. The reinforced seam is still holding strong after lots of miles and a few times circling the washer.






    Durable, comfy and they don’t look half bad either. Kept the these things in rotation well into shorts weather because they were so good…now I’ll just have to swoop the shorts for the summer!