• kris
    August 26th

    A bit back the friends at Knog sent through their lightweight Party Combo for a little street Testing. After a using around town for quick beer runs and a bit of extra security I’d say it deserves a bit of a rest. Below are a few things I liked and fewer that I didn’t as well as a handful of photos to peep. Having waited a bit on this review I wanted to have some fun with the flicks so I took to downtown after work yesterday to catch some of the buzz…






    This cable lock doesn’t suck. That should be enough of a review right there because more often than not they do. Too long a cable or too crappy a lock makes you nervous to let them be seen with your bike let alone on it. The Party Combo from Knog tightens it up into a nice, simple looking design that you won’t mind carrying around. Personally I would have gone with black or one of the other 7 colors available for however “bright” your taste might be.





    Overall the lock worked well for me in the end though initially there were a couple issues. After snagging this from the mail man I set the personalized combo to something easy (my birthday) to start playing with it. Heading out for some deliveries I realize the shackle isn’t coming free from its little home and that the combo must have changed. After playing with a few numbers my wheels are free and I’m off. Turns out the combo settings had been changed with the jumble of paperwork in my bag as I rode around town. After resetting it and using it a few times I noticed the lock to work just as expected every time!







    Living in a city I won’t lock up a bike with just a cable unless it’s in sight or such a beater it’s not worth stealing. These days cutting through a cable lock is just too easy to trust something valuable on the street without some back up. That being said I did use the Party Combo for some added security downtown locking the front wheel to my frame or another pole while using a u-lock. The braided cable and 4 number combo seemed good enough for quick beer runs to the corner store where the bike was still in view…even after a few sips!