• Chris Yang
    April 13th

    Few years ago when Musguard just started on Kickstarter looking for backers, I was actually stunned by the simple, smart design of their mud protectors! The saver looks so simple, elegant but it actually hides so many details on the design. Different from Ass Savers, as far as I am concerned, Musguard creates a more functional and flexible system for the commuters.


    It’s my pleasure to have this opportunity to test out their products and ride around in Taipei City, see how it goes…and the result is just incredible! Musguard offers you a longer rear protector to save your butt and…unlike saddle attachment, it goes down on your seat tube with a Velcro in order to fasten up, which means it basically fits any kind of bikes! The front one, however, is extremely important for commuters if they ride on a wet road. Sometimes the splash comes from the front wheel and gets your jeans wet and dirty. Musguard offers the front fender to keep you away from those shits! It also comes with a sticky pad  for attaching on your down tube safely and stably.


    What if you don’t need them for now?….the fenders are rollable so that when you don’t wanna put them on, you can just roll them up on your top tube or store them inside your pouch. It’s just amazing to see that these simple fenders have so many different functions. Even though it’s not easy to set them up at the first time, yet some practices required and you will get used to it! In a nutshell, these sweeties are just off the hook! If you haven’t seen or used them, take a look on their promotion video and hang around on their site for more info!