• kris
    April 18th

    If you know me you know I dig some nice bags. Usually I’ll flip through a few before I find on I’m really into and down to use on the daily. After rocking a Chrome Metropolis while working for almost a year I decided I need to mix things up a bit again. While perusing the Chrome store I came across the Warsaw Pro and was instantly smitten. These things have been around for a bit but I’m beyond stoked on this backpack. Below is a little run down of just why I love it and some flicks to show you the features…click through for the whole post!


    Not much to say here…other than it looks way fresh. I’ve always been partial to backpacks and this is big yet really well designed. Love the way that hug flap looks and the over shap of the bag not being too long.


    There’s a pocket for literally everything on this back piece. Seriously. Whether you’re looking to keep you laptop cozy and dry or want to pack some tools right where you need them but out of the way…this is the bag. I’ve been using the front pocket to carry a shell for those days when I’m trudging through the rain. Obviously the side document storage, which happens to be perfect for my computer, gets a ton of use from me with my laptop literally going everywhere I do. I love where this side access zipper puts my computer while I’m riding around plus is adds a bit of rigidity to the bag as a whole when the compy is in there. If you want to toss a tall can (or ulock 😉 ) on the outside of the bag…there’s a place for that. Pens? Done. Papers? Done. Elephants? Eh perhaps a baby one. Bottom line is this bag puts in work…or rather allows you to.


    Weatherproof cordura and tarpaulin like you’d expect from Chrome means this bags not going anywhere soon. 3M reflective on the flap strap is nice for those nights on the street. The new laser engraved stainless hooks are looking classy as ever too. Though I’m pretty sure I’d have to say my favorite feature as far as materials go is the taped zippers. I rocked this thing in the rain for a couple weeks straight with not a drop making it anywhere near things important to me. Of course the Warsaw has the velcro accessory mounts that come on most Chrome bags so you know your radio, cell phone or whatever gadget you roll around with is staying secure and where you need it.


    What good is a bag is you can’t carry anything? No need to worry about that with this guy. Occasionally we have to pick up banker/paper boxes for work which are pretty hefty. This has sort of become the way most couriers here in sac, and elsewhere I’m sure, have come to judge the carrying capabilities of a bag. Warsaw has a box on lock…with room for other goodies. Pardon the cheesy modeling photo haha.


    Last but definitely not least, you can have a sick bag that does all kinds of cool things but if if doesn’t travel well its useless! The Warsaw fits better than any backpack messenger bag I’ve used. For a while I rocked the Brigadier and loved it though its tall profile made it a bit hard to ride my fixed freestyle bike. My smaller backpacks were cool but well…smaller. Duh. With the Warsaw I can haul all the stuff I need and it sits exactly where I need it on my back. Not too high nor too low. The EVA back panel keeps my back comfy and dry throughout the day which is a definite plus. Shoulder straps on this thing are wide and nicely padded so there’s never too much pressure in on place when I’m loaded down.

    Bottom line is this thing will be on my back for a while. It’s awesome for work and just as good for traveling or grocery shopping!

    Below is the actual spec list from the Warsaw page on Chrome for you to peep. Go grab one of these!


    * Closed loop strap and outboard oversized load management systems
    * Side-access weatherproof document pocket
    * Easy access ballistic nylon U-lock holster
    * 3M reflectivity for night visibility
    * Industrial strength Velcro accessory shoulder mounting straps


    * Ergonomic shoulder strap design with EVA foam back panel for improved fit and breathability
    * Sternum strap for load distribution
    * Industrial metal cam lock under arm compression buckles


    * Weatherproof 1050 denier Cordura outer shell
    * Weatherproof independently suspended military grade 18 oz. truck tarpaulin liner
    * Nylon 69 thread and YKK zippers

    Dimensions: 21” wide, 19.5” high, 9” deep

    Volume: 55 L

    Weight: 5.2 lb.

    Built in: Chico, CA USA