• kris
    January 20th

    As many of you know i’ve been giving the Eighthinch freestyle goods a beating for some time now. This is the first of a few looks of what the freestyle parts have held up to. Ready go…

    Eighthinch 48 Spline BMX Cranks


    – 4130 Heat Treated Cromoly (Hollow body arms)
    – Come in 160, 165 and 170mm
    – 19mm Spindle
    – 48 Spline Spindle (Fits most all 48 spline sprockets)
    – Available in Black, White, and Raw/Silver Finish
    – Mid or Euro BB Included


    $119.50 on Cycling Closeouts. These are near the bottom of the price line for 48 spline cranks from both newer fixed companies and existing BMX brands. Definitely reasonable.


    Compared to other cranks I’ve run and handled these float up on the lighter side. I really don’t care for exact weight measurements…but some of you might haha. Arms on these come in at 480g and the spindle 240g. Not having a sprocket bolt interface saves a bit on weight getting rid of a good bit of metal. The design keeps them slim yet strong with just enough thickness all the way around. As a set these still come in lighter (by quite a bit in some cases) than a lot of cranks out there!


    Love ’em. Before these came out I rode a slew of cranks. The stiffness and strength these provide isn’t comparable to anything else I’ve ridden. The track and road cranks I rode (Sugino, Truvativ and Eighthinch) were nice but not stiff or durable enough to hold up to constant tricking…there was either too much flex or they’d simply wear out. Its not what their meant for so it makes sense! Previous BMX cranks I’d played with weren’t splined which lead to a sloppy feel when the sprocket bolt would come loose. Though I tried I never mastered that shim business haha. These Eighthinch jams are super stiff and have yet to let me down after being tossed, ground and spun for hours.


    Finishing on these is pretty spiffy. Of the three color options the raw is certainly my favorite…just looks real fresh. It does wear in placed that receive repeated abuse. If you’re grinding on them or if they hit when your grinding they’re obviously going to get scuffed. Mine look pretty beat but i then again i beat them. Ha. I dig the tubular design over the more square look of some other cranks. Just has a streamlined feel.


    They’re not expensive. They’re strong. They look purdy. They work…really well.