• kris
    June 24th

    A couple months back I touched bases with the friends at YNOT Cycle about upcoming releases and the like. Not only did they have some new stuff on the way but some awesome  bits geared for people who love their camera as much as their bike. After picking some colors a short few weeks later I had in hand some samples of their highly anticipated Stowaway camera bag and Backlash strap. From the get go it was obvious that the YNOT crew spent some time getting these accessories dialed and ready to roll. I’ve been using both for going one a couple months now and am definitely stoked…click through for the whole review!






    What I like about these two pieces (as with the rest of the YNOT line) is that you can pick and choose finished colors to your liking. Camo was a no brainer for me and both the strap and bag came out looking way proper. If you want something a little less/more flashy they’ve got everything from black to hot pink.

    Beyond the colors, the overall design and finished product are excellent. From the moveable dividers inside the Stowaway to the buckle placement on the Backlash you can tell they spent some time on these two. A good shape keeps the bag from looking too bulky while nice trim keeps the strap looking clean and working even better.






    Here’s where the nitty gritty come in. The Stowaway kills it for a small camera bag especially if you’re regularly on the go and looking to pack light. My camera stuff is never the only thing I’m lugging around so having three small compartments to divvy up just my photo goods into is perfect. Added bonus? You can stow a six pack snug and keep it cool for when you aren’t snapping away…





    Worth noting that you can attach the Backlash to the Stowaway as a strap if need be but personally I found it easier to just let it hang out while hooked to the camera. After lugging it around with a couple brews and my essentials it seemed more than legit enough to carry some weight without spilling out onto the street.





    As for the Backlash it’s on par with what you’d expect…just a lot cooler. Buckles on both sides means snapping off the strap is easy when you don’t need it and getting it back around your neck is just as quick. Both sides are adjustable for the right fit and the neoprene under keeps things comfy while your camera is hanging out.







    If you spend a lot of time on your bike and just about as much on your camera these should be just right for you. Support some solid people and keep that investment safe at the same time. More on the Stowaway here and the Backlash here!