• kris
    May 29th

    A few months back Westley from 1.61 hit me up about his fresh handmade leather goodies. After perusing his online store I was stoked for him to be interested in featuring something on the site. I went ahead and picked up one of his hip pouches and immediately began to put the little guy to the test. Once you have this thing in your hands you begin to see all the detail he puts into his products. Click through for a bunch of pics and the full review!


    Sometimes it’s hard to find a hip pouch style bag that can haul a decent amount of stuff yet not look too bulky. This little guy can pack some stuff while not making your butt look big. Ha. Seriously though, I’m able to get a good amount of essentials in this for trails rides and don’t feel like I have some weird shaped fanny pack hanging off my waist. The courdura and leather blend well together adding to how clean this thing looks too. A nice steel hook and a bungee setup keep the hip bag sealed up tight while making it looks a bit more unique.


    If you’ve rocked any products similar to this you know how important it is for something to fit right. When you’re logging miles on the trail you can’t have your ulock slapping against your bike or all your goods falling out on the road/trail. Westley got these things pretty dialed in with a good layout. I was afraid the ulock holster might pose a problem but he seems to have left just enough room to keep your piece secure without it flailing about. Inside the bag is plenty of room to distribute your stuff evenly so you’re not feeling a tube box or tire lever poking into your backside. The only problem I had with the way this thing fits was when it was weighed down pretty well. Completely loaded up it tugged down on my belt a bit…but then again I am using some weirdy belt I’ve had for ten years that doesn’t have an actual buckle. I’m sure if I bought a real waist piece the problem would be solved haha.


    When I tossed together my handmade hip bag a couple years ago you can bet all I was interested in was putting stuff somewhere. The 1.61 jams let you put your stuff everywhere! There are secure loops on either side of the pouch that fit my sunglasses and a pen (for when i’m working) perfectly. On the inside you have a small pocket in the lining that works well for headphones or a patch kit. One thing I was beyond stoked on…though I don’t use it much…is the steel carabiner attached to the inside. If you wanted to tuck your keys away at your hip so you’re not listening to them jingle all day this would keep them super secure. Of course you can’t forget the ulock holster! I’ve always used my belt to tuck away my lock so this little space between your back and the back is on point. Peep the haul I chose for the flicks below…not bad for a small hip bag!


    This bag is a beast. 100d cordura and leather mean it’ll be around for a while. No velcro means its not wearing out any time soon. Finally, the steel hardware should long outlast the use of this little guy. Bottom line is it works and it’ll keep on working!